Student X Factor for Higher Education

Student X Factor for Higher Education2018-01-24T10:20:36+00:00

Student X Factor uses emotional and social intelligence data to improve outcomes in enrollment, student retention, and workforce readiness.

Enrollment Management

With Student X Factor, you can expand your decision-making criteria by including EQ data – eliminating bias that is often associated with test scores.

  • Measure your current students to find commonalities among your current successful students. Use their data to create a benchmark for success.
  • Gather data on your applicants and compare against your success framework to determine fit.

Student Retention & Success

Student X Factor helps you collect the data you need to get students through that critical first year and beyond.

  • The majority of students dropout because they are struggling to adapt to their new environment. Student X Factor can help you identify which students might struggle with adaptability.
  • Through pulse surveys, we are able to help you find at-risk students who are trending in the wrong direction, giving you the chance to intervene.

Workforce Readiness & Employability

Student X Factor also provides students with critical information about their own personality – increasing their self-awareness and building opportunities for growth.

  • After completing a Student X Factor profile, each student receives a personalized self-report, giving the student unique insights into their individual strengths as well as coaching on how to improve.
  • These profiles can help students identify fit with future employers and serve as a tool for interview prep.